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Had to join

well it's 4 in the morning and I have come across this site, as it is I'm a single christian, 19 years of age as of now, I'm in college, I liked the LoTR movies a lot, I like C.S. Lewis (just finished a book of his). I haven't read the LoTR books. I'm really a big fan of Dragonlance though but LoTR gave us all hope that one day there will be a Dragonlance movie so go Fantasy movies and the genere as a whole! I am looking for someone but I've accepted the idea that it might be God's will that I shouldn't marry and I can now say I'm cool with that cause hey who am I to argue with God? lol. So ya feel free to add me/IM me if ya are interested and I'm cool with people wanting to be friends to just say so. Peace and I'll catch yall later.
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