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woodsoflorien's Journal

Woods of Lorien's Lord of The Rings Christian Date
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This community is for Single Christians only. Single never been married Christians to be exact. If you have a biblical reason for why you are divorced and want to join this community email me and plead your case. IF you are divorced because it just didn't work out or things like that this oom is not for you. Im not trying to be mean but the Bible is pretty specific. Jesus hates divorce. This room is also only for Lord of the Rings and JRR Tolkein and CS Lweis too! You may post about yourself what the Lord's doing in your life what you are looking for in the opposite sex besides the basic stuff we are Christians here and since we aren't supposed to be unequally yoked please specify some biblical and spiritual things that you are looking for in the right person! No cussing or inapporpriate posts. I will report you. No head games here this room is intended for people seriously looking for thatspecial someone God may have for them. Hope you enjoy this community! My main name is lothlorienwoods if you want to add me to your friends list.